An Introduction

During the Pan Delta Super Racing Festival Autumn Race, one of the races attracted major media and spectator attention was the Asia Talent Cup. Asia Talent Cup is established by Dorna, the promoter for MotoGP World Championship. It aims to nurture young, skilled and talented Asian riders and help them prepare for world class superbike racing. It is now the top level motorbike race series for aspiring young riders in Asia. Over the races in two days, Asia Talent Cup has seen intense competition, especially in the first race when the winner and 1st runner's up was only 0.03 second apart.

Dorna is the promoter and operator of both the MotoGP World Championship and the World Superbike Championship. Its professionalism is unquestionable. So why have they brought Asia Talent Cup to Zhuhai and work with the Pan Delta platform? Dorna's young driver development manager Eva explains that after MotoGP left China, Chinese motorbike racing requires a platform to showcase and develop their talents, while Dorna needs a window to discover and nutrure potential Chinese riders. They believe that Pan Delta's ZIC Superbike currently represents the highest level of motorbike sport in China. Since Pan Delta has a high popularity in Southern China and even the entire country, it is beneficial to Dorna's promotional efforts towards young riders.

Today's success in motorbike racing is the result of years hardwork and refinement by ZIC. 

Apart from the record high competitior numbers, ZIC Superbike has also attracted a lot of manufacturer/brand interest. Yamaha, Ducati, Kawasaki, BMW, EBR and Suzuki are all represented one way or another. With motorbike racing in decline elsewhere in the country, Pan Delta Superbike has become the strongest and most spectacular motorbike race series nationally.

In the next five year plan, Pan Delta will continue its work at grassroot levels, it will continue to grow the superbike series and will establish a basic beginners level motorbike race for all the motorbike fans and enthusiasts, so that Pan Delta Superbike will become another namecard for the event after Circuit Hero.


In 2018, Zhuhai International Circuit established the brand new "Speed Hero" race series. The new race series is upgraded from the ZIC Superbike race series. On 20-21 January 2018, Speed Hero welcomed its first race, the Speed Hero 3 Hours Endurance Race.

Different from the endurance race format of car races, Speed Hero changes both the rider and the motorcycle at pit stops. Each team has two motorcycles and they rotate in the race. Each team has two or three riders.

The first Speed Hero 3 Hours Endurance Race was held on 21 January 2018. 24 teams and 58 riders entered the race, including 3 female riders.